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Welcome to the BYO-B Mentoring Program; a one-of-a-kind Mentorship Program that guides you through the essentials for business growth so that you can have a thriving business that you love. 



Do you Want to Break Free From The Relentless Daily 9-5 Grind of Business?


Perhaps you've been dreaming of starting a business...

but it's a big step to take ALONE.


Or - maybe - you're running a business but you know it's time to make some changes so that you can SCALE TO GROW the business ... and you can get what you want from your life. 


You're looking for JUST THE RIGHT THING that will help you.

To know that you have a SAFETY NET.

You don't want to be alone in the business growth decision-making. 

You need to feel that someone has your back - and that backing is from people who know what they're talking about. 


The BYO-B mentoring program is designed with you in mind. The 12-week online mentoring program is your opportunity to work with a group of industry experts who will guide you to scalable and sustainable growth in the five key areas of your business; 

Business Management, 



Development and Sales, 

and Operations.

 Whether you're going from idea to launch, or you're looking to diversify your current business, you'll feel that the BYO-B program has energised you, that you've been supported every step of the way, and you've grown as a result of having access to your very own support group of industry experts. 
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12 Month Mentoring Package includes: (3 months Mentoring + 9 months Mastermind Training & 12 months of Club Community)

Price $2160 ( valued at $6111.00 incl. GST)

What's included:

The BYO-B Mentoring Program package includes the following:


✔️ 12 weekly online webinars - attend all twelve or download the content after the session if you can't attend (value $3,000)

✔️ An exclusive 1-on-1 session with a BYO-B mentor of your choice (valued at $150)

✔️ Receive 9-months of access to BYO-Business Masters Club (Valued at $711)

✔️ Access to 9 months of BYO-B Mastermind Sessions (valued at $2250)

✔️ Free jar of West Australian premium honey (your raffle ticket) to enter into the $10K plus prize draw (valued at $10)




Don't need all the modules in the mentoring program?

We have broken down the program into individual modules which you can choose from based on the area in your business you need help with

Go here to choose your module

The 12-week online program; 

  • Week 1 -  Business Management & Problem Solving 

  • Week 2 - Financial Mentorship & Goal Setting

  • Week 3 - Business Operational Structure

  • Week 4 - Increase sales and connecting products with clients

  • Week 5 - Hands-free is the way to go

  • Week 6 - Does your language fit your business niche?

  • Week 7 - The best free online shop-front is on Facebook

  • Week 8 - 6 small steps to get a big win with email marketing

  • Week 9 - Make LinkedIn a business friend

  • Week 10 - Does your personal style reflect your business brand?

  • Week 11 - Confidence on camera

  • Week 12 - Action Plan


Smart Mentoring!

with Lizelle Hartley

Lizelle was born to be a fashion designer and business leader. She has always been an entrepreneur and business owner, passionate, enthusiastic, and determined to make her businesses succeed. From fashion designer to stylist to business mentor, Lizelle has inspired thousands of people to believe in their own success.

She is ready to take your business to Success!

Confidence On-Camera Coaching

with Carmen Braidwood

Carmen Braidwood is a media professional with two decades’ experience in commercial radio and television. A familiar face and voice to Perth audiences in particular, she’s worked as a presenter, producer, program manager and newsreader for most of the country's major media companies, in a career that's taken her all over Australia. Today, Carmen is in demand as a corporate Media Trainer. She provides one-on-one coaching and workshops for businesses and experts who want to trade their awkward, unprofessional moments in front of the camera for the polish of a true broadcast professional.

Facebook Marketing & Social Media Strategy

with Mel Tascone

Mel Tascone has been working in business communications and marketing for close to 20 years - after completing a Bachelor of Communications (Public Relations). Mel is the head of Melt Social, a social media and digital marketing consultancy. She helps business owners embrace technologies and practices to simplify digital marketing. Mel loves to work with small businesses and solopreneurs because they're driven and creative. 


Mel says "I love to help people to get the most out of the super exciting world of digital marketing. I help to guide my clients through their marketing sticking points." 

Mel believes that our business is an extension of us and our family and that it must be our greatest legacy.

De-mystifying Linkedin Marketing

with Jo Saunders

Jo Saunders is an independent LinkedIn expert, marketing strategist, and social media educator who has been helping people connect since the early 90s.  Known as the LinkedIn Demystifier, she guides graduates, professionals, and organizations through the complexities of LinkedIn and social marketing tools to energize their brand, establish credibility and earn influence through the power of ConnectfluenceTM.

She is the co-author of 'Get Good or Get Off - A guide to getting it right on social media video series the #ConnectionCouch and was named #2 LinkedIn Expert in the Asia Pacific for 2018.

Desktop to Cloud  

Hand-on to Hands-Free!

Complete Business Transformation.

With Erika Williams

Erika has been helping SMEs with all aspects of running a Small to Medium business for the last 35+ years in the financial services industry. Erika is passionate about helping ONE entrepreneur at a time to achieve business success and not become a statistic of a failed business - Are YOU going to be that next one?

All Training sessions are conducted via Zoom in the comfort of your home or office.

Our weekly training sessions are conducted via Zoom in the comfort of your own home or office so you don't need to travel or struggle with parking.

Every session is scheduled for the same time each week so you can schedule a quiet time and block it out for the entire duration of the program. 

Each week you will be taken through the next stage of the program and 1 of our team of experts will be giving you ALL the tools and resources you need to implement what you have learnt during the session, with homework and accountability to keep you on track.

We will have an expert at hand if you need any additional help!  

All The Tools You Need To Build A Successful Online or Offline Business

When you join our BYO-B Mentoring program, there is ...

  • No Guessing
  • No Overwhelm
  • No Risk
  • No re-inventing the wheel
  • No going it SOLO!

Our 5 BYO-B Mentors will be with you every step of the way…

✔️ We help you set Goals

✔️ We help you with business development

✔️ We give you the skills you need as an Entrepreneur now and into the future

✔️ We provide the ongoing training

✔️ We have all the knowledge you need to start - and we are ready to share it with you

✔️ We are your personalised Coaching and Mentoring Team

✔️ We motivate you to scale to greater heights than you've ever imagined

Want to Break Free from the daily 9to5 grind?


Always dreamed of becoming an ENTREPRENEUR, but have been too scared to take that LEAP of FAITH because you don't know where to start?


 Your journey to becoming a


Twenty Twenty




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Not ready to sign up for the complete BYOB Mentoring Program yet?

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Do you have gaps in your knowledge, skills, systems, or processes?

We've made it easy for you to learn the skills to take you to where you need to be!

You can join us by signing up for 1 or more of the training modules over the 12-week intensive training program followed by the 9-months of Business mastermind classes.

We have broken them up into affordable modules and each training session/module costs just $250 each.

Each Session consists of:

  • 2-hour online training
  • Training Notes
  • Implementation Guide
  • Next Steps Action Plan
  • Email Support


Week 1 

8 September 2021
Module 1

Business Management & Problem Solving.

You have to identify the areas in your business that needs improving in order to find the solutions for them.  This is the first step that a business owner should take when moving forward in their business.


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Week 2

15 September 2021
Module 2

Financial Mentorship and Goal Setting.


Knowing your numbers is crucial to the success of your business and reaching your business and financial goals. If you don't measure it you won't know if you have achieved it.

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Week 3

22 September 2021
Module 3

Business Operational Structure.

Get the tax and operational structure of your business right from the start. To prepare for long-term growth it's important to know how you want your staff and operations to function for maximum profitability.

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Week 4

29 September 2021
Module 4

Increase sales and connecting products with clients.

Your business will only grow once you increase your sales, your sales only increase once you connect your products or services with your clients - let's learn how to make those connections.

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Week 5

6 October 2021
Module 5

Handsfree is the way to go!

Are you the boss of your business or do you work for your business by being hands-on all the time?  Having integrated and automated systems will provide the flexibility to work on your business and not in it.

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Week 6

13 October 2021
Module 6

Does your language fit your business niche?

When you look at the language you use on your website & social media, is it in line with your values and your business message?




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Week 7

20 October 2021
Module 7

The best free online shop-front is on Facebook

Use your social media to improve the profit in your business.






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Week 8

27 October 2021
Module 8

6 Small steps to get big wins with email marketing.

Email marketing is a hidden gem, it has a lot more value than you would think once you understand the tricks to build it.



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Week 9

3 November 2021
Module 9

Make Linkedin a business friend.

Stuck on content ideas? Not sure on how to use Linkedin? Find your voice, share your values and become a LinkedIn Pro.



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Week 10

10 November 2021
Module 10

Does your personal style reflect your business brand?

Learn how to create the perfect style to reflect the message behind your brand and enjoy getting dressed every morning with outfits that give you confidence.

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Week 11

17 November 2021
Module 11

Confidence on Camera!

Every business owner needs the confidence to be able to talk about their business.  How to be yourself on camera and speak with authenticity.



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Week 12

24 November 2021
Module 12

Action Plan!

A business cash flow and emergency plan are a must-have in every business.  You will be provided with all the templates and guided through how to put this in place.




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All our Monthly Mastermind sessions will commence in February 2022

Our 12-week mentoring program ends at the end of November 2021 and we take a break over the Xmas season and kick off the new year with a new mentoring program and monthly masterminds!

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