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Came into existence as a result, of Erika Williams’ passion to educate and help other Accounting and Bookkeeping practices across the country move their processes and systems to the latest cloud technology, creating a MODERN PRACTICE enabling them in achieving greater visibility across their client data while experiencing maximum efficiency and significant cost savings.

We chose Xero as our practice and client accounting software because it has a single ledger platform eliminating the need for double handling of data and maintaining 2 ledgers for the same company being the clients ledger and the corresponding accountants ledger. Xero is also the ONLY ONLINE accounting software that has a complete solution for accounting & bookkeeping practices to migrate from their legacy desk top systems to a cloud environment.


We have partnered with other accounting software providers like Intuit QBO, Reckon One and Sage One to be able to provide our clients with a choice of software brands depending on their industry but, have found that for every client we have on a different platform to Xero, it increases our cost to service our client and reduces our productivity because the integration with other online accounting software is not possible YET! The reality is that every minute your practice staff spend having to manually enter data into your back office systems, increases your cost, reduces your profit margins, reduces your efficiency and productivity.  We have 95% of our clients on Xero for their accounting as well as using the internal files feature or using a document management system like Receiptbank, Hubdoc or Entryless to keep their paperwork under control.


Xero has positioned themselves as being the core of every business big or small with the ability to easily add fit for purposes industry specific software to their Xero accounting software, allowing business owners the flexibility that cannot be rivalled by other software providers.  Xero might have started in a small country called New Zealand but has made it’s mark as the software of choice in New Zealand, Australia, United Kingdom, United States of America for a million + subscribers and with very big boots to fill. Xero is taking the rest of the world by storm too having recently launched into the South African market and is gaining fast gaining momentum.

My PSP, will function as a help and support to accountants and bookkeepers in practice assisting, enabling and educating them without the need to wade through the maze of applications available to move their practice into the future.  The hard work has been done for you.


We teach and assist accountants’ and bookkeepers in practice:

  • How you can get rid of your network servers and take you entire business into the cloud saving thousands of dollars in overheads. The ability to run your entire practice from mobile devices anywhere, anytime no matter where you are in the world. Maximise accessibility, visibility, efficiency and minimise costs
  • How you can stop paying thousands of dollars each year for software licencing for MYOB, Sage Handiledger or similar accounting software and replace your software with FREE software that will perform the same tasks as your current software applications but without the price tag
  • How you can save thousands of dollars in not having to pay for IT professionals to maintain your software and servers.
  • How you can complete your client bookkeeping up to 50% faster than what you are currently able to achieve.
  • How you can get 24/7 access to your client data without the need for them to bring in their accounting paperwork and backups. Schedule your work when you are ready and not when your client eventually hands in their work.
  • How you can stop paying for filing clerks, paper scanners, printers, paper and off site client file storage and take your business into the cloud by storing everything electronically.
  • How a modern practice of the future looks like and functions.
  • How you can automate your tasks to gain maximum efficiency from your workforce.
  • How you can run a 100% paperless, efficient cloud accounting practice and the software technology to drive the efficiencies.
  • How you can double your income and your client base without the need to increase your hours or workforce.


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