As a complete packaged solution will enable your practice to not only achieve but exceed every measurable metric.

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Turn your practice into a modern practice that is pro-active rather than re-active in your approach to maintaining and delivering the exceptional customer service experience your clients expect and deserve.

Our Digital Business Toolkit as a complete packaged solution will enable your practice to not only achieve but exceed every measurable metric.

Processes Procedures

We assist with the streamlining of processes and procedures so your team can provide enhanced customer service and focus on new business. All processes and procedures documents are easily accessible and available to all staff to maintain continuity of services across the boards.

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Systems Integration

The Xero exo-system has a selection of over 500 apps that seamlessly integrate with Xero and suits any business industry giving business owners fit for purpose options. Due to the seamless integration, duplicate data handling and data capturing errors are eliminated.

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Change Management

When there is change taking place in any practice, it is essential that the entire organisation is involved in the process to ensure the success of the new changes. There needs to be clear communication, assistance, training, patience, up-skilling and ongoing support throughout the change.

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Backoffice Workflow

We have created our Digital Business Toolkit which is tailor made for an accounting and bookkeeping practice. Every aspect of the toolkit has been implemented in our own prototype practice and is tried and tested and fit for purpose.

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Software Implementation

We have more than 8 years of cloud software implementation and training and understand what it takes to run a digital business. We have turned our own practice prototype practice into a lean, mean, paperless, automated cloud practice.

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Training & Support

We have variable training options available from 1-2-1 to 1 to many either in person or as a webinar depending on how you and your team like to learn.

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The People

Our team has the passion, dedication, knowledge and experience and will ensure your team comes first and is constantly engaged, feel valued and supported at all times. We can help you manage employee satisfaction to enjoy a better workplace.

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KPI’s & Metrics

We help you implement, measure and achieve all the metrics to be able to run a successful, profitable, sustainable digital practice. How healthy is your practice? Have you completed a KPI audit on your practice recently? How did you stack up as a business owner, leader or partner? How did your practice rate on the following:

This metric will help your firm measure how efficient you are in getting the job done within the least amount of time at the lowest cost possible. Under this metric, you can also measure how many jobs or tasks a staff member has completed during any given period as well as the average time it has taken to complete the job. This is very helpful in setting fixed fees for new clients.

Having an aerial view over your entire practice operation is paramount to the success of your business and to ensure that your staff are performing the tasks and services to the high level that you have promised your clients. The larger the practice the bigger the gap & lack of control to keep your finger on the pulse of what is happening in your business.

This area is often neglected through lack of time in understanding why the profit margins are fluctuating at any given time. When you are able to work on your business and not in your business the ability to review, implement and measure becomes a regular occurrence.

Having access to your client data has traditionally being a huge desk-top problem. With the advent of cloud technology clients invite their trusted advisors into their accounting software allowing them 24/7 access to change the playing field from being dependant on completing the work when the client decides they are ready to bring the work into your office to you being able to schedule the work around your staff and resources so the work is spread out in more manageable parcels rather than being of a feast or famine nature when you are swamped one month and scratching around for work the next. This is specifically around tax and BAS deadlines.

Cloud technology has given the modern accounting practice the capability and capacity to service more clients, earn more revenue without having to increase their resources. Software and its ease of use have enabled modern practices to outsource functions at a cheaper hourly rate and do not require highly skilled staff to perform low-value tasks.

Cloud technology is constantly changing and your practice needs the flexibility to move and keep up with these changes. Your client's businesses and the services they need from you keep changing as they grow. Your practice needs to be able to keep abreast of the changes so you are able to advise your clients on how they need to adapt to these changes before they need to ask for your help. This is being proactive and not reactive.

This metric will help your firm understand the extent to which you can do more client work with fewer resources.

Without clients you do not have a business so you must continually strive to provide clients' with exceptional service. There is no hard and fast rule or way to measure this and will differ from practice to practice. In the modern world where communication and having instant answers is very important there is a couple of ways you can measure your quality of service and client satisfaction:

  • Email response times per staff member.
  • Surveys that are conducted at regular intervals asking a few simple questions around how likely they are to recommend your practice to others.

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