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What is Digital Technology and how does it apply to me?

It does not matter whether you like to call it CLOUD, DIGITAL TECHNOLOGY, ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE it all means the same and equates to there being a better, quicker faster, modern way of delivering your products and services to your clients. At the centre of all this is CLOUD COMPUTING. It requires the use of a desktop computers, laptops or mobile devices like smart phones or tablets.

It also requires Software as a service (SaaS) products that performs various functions within your business to replace the need for manual intervention by you or your team. SAAS is a software licensing and delivery model in which software is licensed on a subscription basis and is centrally hosted by the software supplier at a designated data centre strategically placed in multiple locations around the world to safeguard your data. It is often referred to as "on-demand software" and you use it for as long as you require the software and continue to pay the monthly subscriptions.

We recommend that you follow these basic steps towards digital change:

  1. Book a Discovery Session if you are very new to building a practice or digital technology
  2. Book a Strategy Session if you are an established practice and want to take the next step towards digital transformation
  3. Order your Technology Audit so we can discover what software and systems you are currently using and provide you with a comprehensive list of features you need to introduce into a modern practice and what purpose they serve.
  4. Order your Build a Toolkit Session where we take the information that we collected from your Technology Audit and collate a comprehensive list of Software applications your practice will need to gain all the efficiencies you need and meet all your client obligations.


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All cloud-based software is charged as a monthly subscription and come at a considerably lower cost than the cost of an employee on an hourly rate and the best thing of all the software once set up correctly will perform all the tasks that drive you and your team nuts and bog you down from doing what you do best. The software will continue to function without having to take a break, go on annual leave and will make you and your team look good when it comes to delivering to delivering exceptional service to your clients.

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