Rev into business with your own race winning formula

We'll conduct an advanced systems and processes technology audit to get your business up to speed.


drivers are you ready?

When you started your business you entered the "endurance race" of your LIFE.

You entered your own "Supercar Race" against your fiercest competitors in the same industry as your business.

To enter "the race" there are a number of things required to be able to compete and consistently win laps and eventually WIN the race:

You need the newest modelcar with a high performance, fuel efficient engine.

You need fearless drivers who know the track, that will be able to navigate the course in the quickest possible time and not lose their nerve.

You need sufficient funds and resources to be able to maintain the car and retain your expert team.

You need the latest technology, processes & systems to monitor the car's fuel efficiency and performance at all times.


As you approach the next turn and race into the next lap it's important to assess . . .

How are you and your team doing at conquering your business "mountain"?

Are you competing in the same vehicle class as your competitors with the right car, the right tools, enough resources and a competitive team that can perform under any conditions? Or . . .

Are you competing in the race using an older model car, using old outdated tools & equipment and can't afford a team to help you?

Are you winning many races or are you constantly being "pipped at the post" by your competitors?

Discover the key check points you need to hit to rev up your business . . .


An Automated digital marketing funnel that will consistently bring in new leads into the business so you are not constantly chasing but rather attracting new clients even while you are sleeping.

A digital new client onboarding system that will not break your business and systems when all the new sales come flooding in.

A digital communication system that makes it easy for you and your team to stay on top of all communications no matter where you are in the world.

A digital accounting solution that is able to monitor your financial records and business progress on a day to day basis, requiring very little time and effort to maintain.

A digital engine room that drives your business process, systems, products, and/or services.

A digital document management system that is paperless and requires no hardware (printers, filing cabinets, etc.)

A digital reporting system that will allow your advisors to have their finger on the pulse of your business performance at all times.

A digital dashboard so you as the business owner will have an aerial view of your entire operation, allowing you to work on the business and not in the business.

The secret source to be able to ensure you and your team are continuously wining "the race" is your ability to 
work faster, smarter and cheaper than your closest rivals!

To be able to achieve this is your ability to leverage digital technology, software and automation so your business
is able to function on AUTO-PILOT.

No matter what industry you can learn how to DO MORE with LESS RESOURCES!


"It's time to hit THE PIT STOP and
recharge your business . . .


and discover your

the results

Here is an example of a company that measured their automated actions
(actions performed by software applications instead of humans) and the numbers are amazing:


automated actions
in a month
(60 sec average)

They saved 
7683 minutes of time.

128 hours per month
(1536 hours per year)

Cost of software 
US$45 per month
($540 per year)

saving of $38,000
per year

When you need a “high performance vehicle and engine” to drive your business processes and systems you go to a SPECIALIST. At Office Overload Solutions it has been a labour of love and passion to help business owners like you move your business into the future with digital technology. It has been the culmination of 10+ years of research in finding the best software and tools to run a modern business in a digital economy that can survive today and into the future.

That business has to have the following features:

100% Cloud Software • Paperless solutions • Automated

Now that you know what it takes to be in “the race”, let us do a complete diagnostic analysis on what you need to be able to WIN YOUR RACE, EVERY TIME.

Our DIGITAL TECHNOLOGY AUDIT has been designed to conduct an in depth study of your business, your processes, and your needs so we can design your high performance business engine that will not only match what your competitors are already using but will also match your industry, your business culture as well as how you and your team function and operate.

No guesswork involved, simple, seamless, automated workflow!


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