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With a 35 year career in accounting spanning 3 countries, working with small business, corporate companies as well as working in a number of accounting practices. Erika Williams is well placed to assist your organisation.  


Erika is on a journey to educate entrepreneurs about the wonderful world of digital technology.


Erika believes in EMPOWERING business owners to be the BEST at what THEY DO, without the overwhelm.


Erika's simple philosophy is to use the right tools for the right job! Why work harder when you can work smarter? 


Take your business from idea to launchdesktop to cloud, hands on to hands-free, and experience what it's like to achieve the Work > Life balance you have always dreamed about.

Who We Serve

Accountants, Authors, Beauticians, Bookkeepers, Coaches, Consultants, Fashion Designers, Health Practitioners, Healers,  IT Professionals, Lawyers, Public Speakers, Professional Service Providers or anyone who wants to make a difference in the world and help their clients through struggles by launching a purpose-based business. 

We are here to help you achieve your PURPOSE

Let's Grow our Businesses


We need to take care of plants so that plants can take care of us. You need to take care of yourself in order to take care of your family. You need help to take care of your business. You need me to guide you through the "business jungle". There's a lot to discuss and learn, let's start this beautiful journey together!

"Erika, I just @#$%ing LOVE You. Thanks for everything you do for me."

-Leigh S

Entrepreneurs like YOU
are ROCKING the world of Business.

Our GOAL is starting a new business every day…


Will YOU be one of the 365 ....


Twenty Twenty One-preneurs

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B Y O -Business



Your best business life awaits

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Our Values

  • Collaboration rather than Competition
  • Empowerment rather than Power Over
  • Resource Sharing rather than Resource Extraction
  • Growing an organization that gives Back to the World
  • Bigger is NOT always better… We Value Joy before Material Gain

Meet our Team of Mentors


Erika Williams

Erika is a multi-faceted professional who is passionate about teaching new and existing entrepreneurs how to succeed in business using the magical powers of Cloud Technology and how to automate those annoying, time-wasting, repetitive taks in their business. One task at a time, and giving them back more time to spend with their family! 

Erika teaches business owners that they don't need to hire an army, payout thousands of dollars in labour or sacrifice spending time with their families by always being on call in their business!

Erika wants to help you ... 

  • take your business from Desktop to Cloud!
  • from being hands-on all the time to being Handsfree most of the time
  • Being able to grow your business without having to recruit an army to do so!

Carmen Braidwood

Carmen Braidwood is a media professional with two decades’ experience in commercial radio and television. A familiar face and voice to Perth audiences in particular, she’s worked as a presenter, producer, program manager and newsreader for most of the country's major media companies, in a career that's taken her all over Australia.  

 Today, Carmen is in demand as a corporate Media Trainer. She provides one-on-one coaching and workshops for businesses and experts who want to trade their awkward, unprofessional moments in front of the camera for the polish of a true broadcast professional. 











Lizelle Hartley

Lizelle was born to be a fashion designer and business leader. She has always been an entrepreneur and business owner, passionate, enthusiastic, and determined to make her businesses succeed. From fashion designer to stylist to business mentor, Lizelle has inspired thousands of people to believe in their own success.

Recent years has seen Lizelle focus her attention on mentoring business owners and individuals to achieve all that they can. The success of her mentored clients has been the platform for her mentoring business to grow from strength to strength.

In March 2020 Lizelle authored and published her own inspirational book,










Jo Saunders

Jo Saunders is an independent LinkedIn expert, marketing strategist and social media educator who has been helping people connect since the early 90s.  Known as the LinkedIn Demystifier, she guides graduates, professionals and organisations through the complexities of LinkedIn and social marketing tools to energise their brand, establish credibility and earn influence through the power of ConnectfluenceTM.

She is the co-author of 'Get Good or Get Off - A guide to getting it right on social media', video series the #ConnectionCouch and was named #2 LinkedIn Expert in Asia Pacific for 2018.












Melanie Tascone

I  have been working in business communications and marketing for all of my working life. I strive to  embrace technologies and practices to simplify business processes and communications for a range of industries and sectors. I love to work with small business and solopreneurs because they're driven and creative - and so am I.

I love to help people to get the most out of the super exciting world of digital marketing. I offer a full service so that I can implement it all for you;  or I can guide you with a one-on-one coaching service that will help to guide you individually with your marketing sticking points.

I feel drawn to working with small business owners because I share their 'why' - that our business is an extension of us and our family and that it must be our greatest legacy.







Do you have a special skill that you think business owners need to succeed and will compliment what we already offer? 

We are open to add other Mentors to our team.  If you think you have what it takes then make contact with Erika Williams to discuss what you can bring to the table!

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What one of Carmen's clients had to say!

Tracey Green, Business Owner Directional Tourism   

“Carmen’s Confidence on Camera program has changed me personally.  Covid really hurt us, I didn’t financially have the money to pay for a course, but I took a gamble and it turned out to be the best gamble I ever made.  

My confidence has soared! As people see your confidence grow, other things come from it.  It’s much bigger than what you present to your own business, its a really strong personal journey.   

We are now chasing bigger projects, bigger work, and we have a clear vision now about where we’re going.  Being on camera is part of our formal marketing strategy now.